An Assortment of Stories

Hello Journal 4

Damion's Journal 4rth

Day/night inside so I can’t really tell, outside kinda cold out on this wall thing/embutment

I have to speak very quietly and in hushed tones, so here I am on guard duty with the bandits which I am supposed to kill but I am now a member of. I probably will still kill them, however now it looks like a very lucrative outpost here. It will be mine. All of it. But I found an ex river rat. Wonder if I can convince him to join with me in a completely platonic way. Seriously I like boobs. Journal you are a son of a bitch. FRAhajalalala is right , I like a woman , a lot And women like me because of little Damion, which is technically a lie when women gasp and say…..any ways that a really shinny dagger on that sleeping tool bag that couldn’t take the hooch.

That seemed to work. He’s passed out now and I think I got the messages to weirdy one and weirdy two. I don’t know maybe they can read maybe they can’t I don’t know.

Oh journal, did I tell you how I got in here….? What I did was beat the living nine hells outta Orcy who was pretending to be a farmer. Then I cut him and bound and gagged him with that dumb ragging Thork guy underwear. It was glorious. I felt really bad though for doing that, kinda because orcy is such a nice……orcy. Oh well I will make him a salty jerky sandwich pot pie.

He will like it so much. But I will try to figure out what I can do to either take over the castle and then get both monies from this place and the farmers, I mean I could rule them as their king. I don’t know if FRahajalalal will like it because it might cause issue with her quote un quote “bitches”/women/whores/persons that have sex with her because she has breast and handles a shaft of an Ax well.

Weirdy one is burning things more often and I hope orcy is good he will be good. And Journal one more thing…… I’m a friggen Bard stars from Mars…………..WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNING.


paintedbear DougPeters

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