An Assortment of Stories

Hello Journal

Damion's Journal

Poorly Scribbled

Day- Sunny with partly cloudy

Hello Journal

Mark tracked/found/followed to market. Handed off to Paul the fish Merchant/Guild Assassin/Fat man. Old lady came on to me…..I think she found my glasses sexy. She may want to bear children with me,you think so? I do not.

Apparently she hired me to get rid of vagrants stealing food/stuff/edibles. I told her to give it to them but she said no. I think she is a moron. Don’t you agree.

Well I got salt. I used salt. Traded salt.

Meet others old lady hired. Outsiders/weirdos/like salt, Drunk harlot/foul mouthed/has a thing for me, Pirate/poetry guy orcy/has a thing for me.

Got horse with salt. You will love this Journal, I traded the horse for another horse that was given to someone else, and the horse doesn’t belong to me. Ha.

Day- Still a bit sunny/ Overcast but not so much

Hello Journal

Killed people. With Salt. And Chains.

Saved a Girl. She is still attached to my leg as I write this. I think she wants to bear children with me.

I don’t think she can….yet. Can you not talk about that? You are sick Journal. Seriously. No. That is wrong. Drunk plated Harlot is giving me the eye while she is hurling. Orcy Is too but not with the hurling.


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